Daftar Keyboard Shortcut DELPHI

Code Parameters : Ctrl-Shift-Space
Code Completion : Ctrl-Space
Code Templates : Ctrl-J

Class Completion
Class Completion : Ctrl-Shift-C
Class Nav Up Ctrl-Shift-Up
Class Nav Down Ctrl-Shift-Down

Code Browsing (D6 and above)
Symbol Browsing : Alt-Up
Browse Forward : Alt-Right
Browse Backward : Alt-Left

Message Window
Previous Message : Alt-F7
Next Message : Alt-F8

IDE Windows
Code Explorer : Ctrl-Shift-E
Project Manager : Ctrl-Alt-F11
Window List : Alt-0 (zero)
Object Inspector : F11

Debugger Windows
Event Log : Ctrl-Alt-V
Breakpoints : Ctrl-Alt-B
Watches : Ctrl-Alt-V
Threads : Ctrl-Alt-T

TODO List Window
Add TODO Item : Ctrl-Shift-T

Blocking Mode : Ctrl+O-L (line) Ctrl+O-C (column)

Trace Into : F7
Step Over : F8
Trace to next source line : Shift-F7
Run to Cursor : F4
Run until return : Shift-F8
Program Reset : Ctrl-F2
Evaluate/Modify : Ctrl-F7
Add Watch : Ctrl-F5
Toggle Breakpoint : F5

Compile Project : F5
Build : Ctrl-F5
Syntax Check : F5
Project Options : Ctrl-Shift-F11


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